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“Through the selection of questions that empower, to the intuitive sacredness of each reframe, the genius of communication shines through in every soul who agrees to sit with presence with other souls who are rapt with pain and drowning in fear. If you are willing to go to their hell with them in every instance, you will be the artist who leads them from the self-imposed prison of skewed perception to the clarity of understanding. In that act of willingness, you will be made a stronger person in your own right.”

From     N.W. Burnett, Calm in the Face of the Storm: Daily Spiritual Practice for Peacemakers, p. 256 (2010)

Illustration Angelika Kauffmann, Artist, “Christus und die Samariterin am Brunnen” (Christ and the Samaritan Woman at the Well), 1796, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons (public domain in source country and in US)


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