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A previous blog post announced the Forest Acres Green Festival, which will be held 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. on Saturday, September 26, 2010.  This festival, sponsored by three churches on North Trenholm Road, Forest Acres, SC, will showcase environmentally friendly and sustainable practices, will feature the beginnings of a Habitat House, and will have booths by vendors of green products.    There will also be childrens’ activities and opportunities for recycling things such as car tires.   For a detailed schedule, click HERE

Guess what – volunteers are needed!  If you are available for a one to three hour volunteer shift, please send email to TrinityPeacemakers@gmail.com  Include your phone number, and we will get you involved and included in this wonderful activity filled with interesting and concerned people! 


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Come watch the start of a Habitat House, visit with organizations devoted to sustainability, and sample goods of many local vendors!

Saturday, September 25 10:00 – 4:00

Keep the Midlands Beautiful and six congregations in the North Trenholm Road area are collaborating on a project that encourages sustainable living and building practices. Beth Shalom Synagogue, Bethel United Methodist, Forest Lake Presbyterian, North Trenholm Baptist, St. Michael and All Angels’ Episcopal, and Tree of Life Congregation are planning the Forest Acres Green Festival on Saturday, September 25. The festival will be held from 10:00-4:00 at the three locations listed below:

Forest Lake Presbyterian Church, 6500 North Trenholm Rd.

· Central SC Habitat for Humanity will construct an EarthCraft certified house in the parking lot, using energy-saving materials and appliances.

· Vendors who sell environmentally friendly building supplies will exhibit.

· Environmental organizations will share their expertise about sustainable living.

· Jewelry and crafts will be available for purchase.

· Musical groups from local schools will perform.

· Forest Acres restaurants will be selling food and giving away coupons.

· A silent auction will benefit the Habitat house.

North Trenholm Baptist Church, 6515 North Trenholm Rd.

· Craft activities for children using materials from nature and recycled materials

· Fun on inflatables–bungee runs, bounce houses, etc.

· Kid friendly food and free coupons available from Forest Acres restaurants

St. Michael and All Angels’ Episcopal Church, 6408 Bridgewod Rd. at North Trenholm Rd.

· Recycling of tires (4 per person), electronic equipment (TV’s, computers, monitors, radios, etc), cardboard, cans (no paint), plastic, glass, scrap metal, and any size plug-in appliances by Richland County Solid Waste Division

· Education for youth (in the outdoor chapel) about recycling

· Paper shredding on spot

On Sunday, September 26, there will be a local farmers’ market at Forest Lake Presbyterian, 6500 N. Trenholm Rd., sponsored by Tree of Life from 12:30 – 4:00. Work will continue on the Habitat house.

habitat image

(Image from Central Habitat SC Web site)

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August 26, 2010

This video illustrates why we should think in terms of systems for our approaches to every day lifestyle choices.  Yes, even down to our choices concerning what kind of water we drink. 

"What,” you may ask, “does bottled water have to do with the idea of peacemaking?!” 


The answer to that question is that everything we do in life – even our choice of drinking water — is not just an individual decision.  Every action we take affects the world around us.  Each of us lives in a family system, in a community system, within the context of a regional and global environment. 

Each, individual, decision we make may feel insignificant to us, like a single drop raindrop in a rainstorm.  Individually, a single raindrop doesn’t seem to have much effect:  “It’s just one bottle of water, and I’m thirsty!” 

But collectively, millions of raindrops can turn into a flood. 

Will we choose to contribute our raindrop – each individual decision –  to a flood of righteousness, that leads people to sustainability, with less conflict over resources and hence and greater peace in the world?  Or, will our decision – our raindrop — contribute to a flood of injustice which leads to conflict and division?

The following phrase is deeper than just a slogan: 

“No justice, no peace. Know justice, know peace.” 

So, please, enjoy this cute yet profound cartoon …


One last, but not least thing:  this link came directly from the personal blog of another Presbyterian blogger,  Will McGarvey.  If you’d like to explore the ideas on Will’s blog, it can be accessed HERE



This photograph was taken by the author while visiting a small village in the western Guangdong region of China. Because of environmental problems caused by disposal of plastic bags, the central government of China has now forbidden the free dispensing of plastic bags by grocery stores.

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